Q. How Does NiiCaP Receive Its Funding?
A. NiiCaP is currently funded with grant monies from the USDA, US HUD, US Treasury, and the Wisconsin Department of Commerce, plus fees for service.

Q. Who Has NiiCaP Assisted?
A. Clients on the Menominee, Mole Lake and Lac du Flambeau Reservations have received technical and/or financial assistance from NiiCaP. From business startups through corporations, NiiCaP has provided technical assistance and training to meet the needs of our ever-expanding clientele.

Q. What Are Development Services?
A. Development services currently consist of individual, customized technical assistance and group training sessions.

Q. What Is Individual Customized Technical Assistance?
A. NiiCaP's technical assistance program provides individual, customized consultation services for planning, assessment, training and implementation. Our goal is to help clients identify their business needs, shape their goals and prioritize plans. Our trainers conduct group workshops, and meet one-on-one with each client, to best address the needs of each organization. Additionally, we provide assistance with infrastructure development, business plans, and fiscal sustainability,

Q. What Are Group Training Sessions?
A. NiiCaP offers a variety of group training sessions designed to help entrepreneurs develop the necessary skills to excel in business. These sessions also provide opportunities for mentoring, building business relationships, and cultivating referrals. Be sure to check our Events page often, for upcoming sessions!

Q. What is a Cash Flow Lender?
A. A Cash flow lender lends funds, (generally for working capital), using expected / projected cash flow that the borrowing organization generates as collateral for the loan. This is in contrast to an asset-based loan, which is uses a company's assets as security against loan repayment.

Q. What is the Maximum Loan Amount?
A. The maximum business loan amount under NiiCaP's Micro enterprise program is $35,000. The maximum business loan amount under the Non-micro business program is $200,000.

Q. Who is Eligible for Assistance from NiiCaP?
A. Loan requirements include: having an acceptable business plan and/or financing proposal. Although NiiCaP is a cash-flow lender, acceptable collateral is required. In addition, clients must fulfill necessary technical assistance and training requirements. (NiiCaP can provide the technical assistance and/or training to develop your business idea.)

Q. What Can I Use My Loan For?
A. Eligible loan uses include expansion, relocation, construction, machinery, equipment, supplies, real estate and working capital.

Q. Do I Have To Be An Enrolled Tribal Member To Obtain A Loan From NiiCaP?
A. Yes. Entrepreneurs and businesses from the Target Market located on the reservations of Menominee, Mole Lake and Lac du Flambeau is eligible for loans and technical assistance from NiiCaP. Services are provided for starting, sustaining or expanding a business that is either owned or managed by tribal residents, or creates or maintains jobs for tribal residents.

Q. Do I Have To Be An Enrolled Tribal Member To Obtain Development Services From NiiCaP?
A. Non-tribal members are eligible for Development services on a fee-per-service basis.

Q. Are Cash Donations To NiiCaP Tax Deductable?
A. Yes. We encourage you to become a financial partner.

Q. How Do I Get Started?
A. Engaging the help of NiiCaP begins by completing the Intake Questionnaire. The NiiCaP staff will contact you to arrange a preliminary assessment of your project or idea. This will result in a customized assistance plan to meet your unique business development needs.

NiiJii Capital Partners, Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Provider and a U.S. Treasury Certified Community Development Financial Institution.